100% Bolt-On Chronic Care Support Program Via Telehealth

The 340B Telehealth Program is a plug-and-play, chronic care support program offered by Southern Scripts. This proven and confirmed methodology can be easily added to almost any existing self-insured arrangement to improve medical outcomes and significantly lower pharmaceutical expense. The program is provided at no cost to the employee and is designed to be implemented with minimal administrative impact.

340b Telehealth

A Value-Added Component To Your Prescription Benefit Plan

The 340B Telehealth Program incorporates existing community health provider networks and their associated drug discounts to provide employees with improved care coordination and employers with better long-term claims results and substantially lower RX prices.

Guaranteed 20% Savings
Existing prescriptions remain in place and are now authorized under the new 340B Telehealth Program, where they are eligible for program associated 340B pricing discounts. This discount equates to a 20% savings to the employer health plan on all affected pharmaceuticals, in addition to any existing rebates or discounts.
No Program Cost
The 340B Telehealth Program requires no capital investment and is provided at no ongoing cost to the employee.
Additional Care
The 340B Telehealth Program provides employees with an additional level of care, not a replacement. Employees keep all their existing primary care and specialty physicians.
Plug & Play
The 340B Telehealth Program plugs into the existing plan structure allowing the plan sponsor to keep its current health plan design and broker relationship. No vendor changes occur, no material modifications to the plan, and the program can start on any date.

To participate, patients have one annual Telehealth visit or video conference consultation. All scripts are sent through mail order with special handling and services.

On The Rise

Pharmacy represents 25% to 35% of the overall expense on healthcare and is expected to increase at a rate of 5% to 10% each year for the foreseeable future. Specialty drug spend is expected to see more than a 3% price inflation in the upcoming years.

The Largest Driver Of Pharmacy Costs Are Specialty Medications

The bio-specialty drug category accounts for 35% to 55% of total pharmacy spend on average in the US and is expected to increase to 60% even though only 1% to 3% of Americans use specialty drugs. Specialty drug spend is expected to see more than a 3% price inflation in the upcoming years.

The Cost of Managing a Chronic Condition

60% of Americans live with a chronic illness, and account for 91% of all prescriptions filled. In addition, health care coverage costs for individuals managing a chronic condition is 5X higher than those without a condition. Specialty drug spend is expected to see more than a 3% price inflation in the upcoming years.

Telehealth Expansion

At the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, the use of telehealth services was expected to grow by 80% in 2020 alone and forecasted to expand at a rate of 29% by 2025.

340B Background

In 1990 Congress created the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program which regulated the prescription drug manufacturer ceiling price for drugs provided to Medicaid patients.

In 1992 Congress addressed the lack of voluntary pharmaceutical drug donations by passing the Public Health Service Act (PHS), creating the 340B program, which mandates discounts to health care providers (CEs) serving low-income patients. Though the vast majority of pharmaceuticals are covered, the decision to participate is made by manufacturers on a drug by drug basis, so not all drugs are covered.

Participating CEs are given discounts on 340B covered drugs provided to “qualified patients.” “Qualified patients” must establish a medical relationship with a 340B eligible entity.

CEs may provide any medical support service authorized under their scope of service, including chronic care management services.

Provider interactions at a CE, delivered through telehealth technology, are treated in the same manner as face to face interactions, subject to existing state requirements.

As in all medical provider interactions, existing state medical licensing requirements and quality of service criteria must be followed.

Patient Journey & Compliance

From communication to onboarding to covered service to prescription routing, Southern Scripts will provide guidance, support, and satisfaction for its clients and patients. The 340B Telehealth Program closely follows established Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Employers
Are My Prescription Drug Benefits Changing?
The 340B Telehealth Program does not impact your existing prescription drug plan; it is merely an enhancement to your current plan.
Will I Have To Change Physicians Or Find A New Specialist?
No. One of the great features of the 340B Telehealth Program is that your relationship with your current physician or specialist does not change.
When Will The Plan Receive The Savings?
The savings are immediate. The plan will receive the reduced cost of the pharmaceutical when the prescription is filled.
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